Saptavar - Brihaspativar Vrat

Saptavar - Weekly Vrat and Pooja:


 Brihaspativar Vrat and Puja is dedicated to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. Lord Brihaspati is the Guru of the Gods and also prayed to today. He is represented by planet Jupiter (The biggest planet in the Solar System and very powerful). Lord Brihaspati is also considered the avatar of Vishnu.

Brihaspativar Vrat is considered very beneficial for receiving wealth, health, job, children and happiness. This Vrat is very beneficial to the ladies of the household and helps in fulfilling their desires.

One must wake up before sunrise on Thursdays. Yellow is the primary color to be used today. One must wear yellow clothes, use yellow Chandan, yellow flowers to do the puja. One can use yellow sweets or banana or Chana and Gur for bhog/prasad. Offer water to the Tulsi plant and include Tulsi leaves in the prasad. After the puja, water must be offered to the roots of the banana tree. Ghee diya should be lighted.

There is special significance attached to reading or listening to the Brihaspativar Vrat Katha or Story. Once the Katha is started one must not speak or leave the puja place till the Katha is finished. One must always receive and eat the prasad before leaving the puja place.

Devotees must fast the whole day and eat once only. Most of the items eaten today must be yellow in color, made with Chana Dal or Lentil and Besan etc. Brihaspativar Puja is a wish fulfilling puja and brings all benefits to the devotees.