Chandraghanta - Navratra day - 3

The third swaroop of Ma Durga is Chandraghanta.This swaroop is extremely peaceful and very beneficial. In this image, she has 10 hands and holds a weapon in each hand, ready for battle. Her body shines and shimmers like Gold. Her 'chand dhwani' or battle call leaves the deadly demons shivering. She rides a Lion.

Praying to Ma Chandraghanta destroys all 'paap' or sins and 'badha' or difficulties. All problems come to an end at her feet.  Her devotees become fearless like her Lion. Even though she is ready to destroy the demons, her form is very peaceful and blissful. Therefore, her devotees also become humble and quietly confident, as they receive the gift of fearlessness. 

If one is in a difficult situation in life or if one is surrounded with problems - one should pray to Ma Chandraghanta. She helps her devotees overcome all problems and emerge victorious.

Durga Argala Path:
This Argala Path is taken from Durga Saptasati. It is in Sanskrit. Its a prayer to Jayati, Mangala, Kali, Bhadra Kali, Kapalini, Durga, Kshama, Shiva, Dhatri, Swaha, Swadha for 'Roop' or worldly boons, 'Jai' or victory and 'Yash' or fame and repute.

The devotee seeks Name, Fame and Glory through this prayer. Its a call to Ma Durga for help to fight against internal enemies(e.g. anger, lust, glut, greed, jealousy) and external enemies(those people and those life situations that harm us). Its a call for victory. Its a wish to win every battle of life and to overcome with might, courage, success, name, and repute.